Mechanical Cleaning

Our expert team are on hand to carry out all necessary electro mechanical drain cleaning to the highest standard, as part of our all-round drain cleaning capabilities. In situations where high power jetting is not possible, this service is the best solution. Electro mechanical drain cleaning is a great way to clear blockages from internal pipework where drain jetting could cause damage or flooding, such as toilets, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers, but can be used on larger underground drains where restricted access means jetting is not possible. Sometimes referred to as a ‘plumber’s snake’, the cable provides the flexibility to bore into narrow and twisting pipework, and those that utilise springs are able to retain a powerful cleaning action through long sections of drain and around multiple corners.  A simple yet effective method, a motor is used to drive a cable through a pipe or drain in a boring motion similar to a drill, constantly rotating the cable in a clockwise direction. Water is often simultaneously fed into the pipe to flush out any obstructions. The cable itself can be fitted with various cutters as dictated by the blockage, and the technique is ideal for removing a number of robust blockages, as well as residue build-up such as lime scale, uric scale and concrete deposits.